Real UNITE: Directory Opus Magellan II for all amiga and amiga like.

Lately and pretty offten we see how ppls start different kind of topic, the main point of which
is that ppls want to see some unity beetwen all the camps (os3/os4, aros, morphos and any other os
which still in grow, or in the rest for now). We all tired from all that splits and different kind
of haters, unmature persons or fanboys, and all what we want its some sort of cooperation beetwen
developers, whole user base and just beetwen all the ppls who in interst in amiga in the whole, just
like in good old days.

So, now you can show all of this for real by your support of the bounty, which aims to get about 5
grands of dollars for getting the sources of the wellknown and very popular back in the past and still
version of Directory Opus Magellan 2.	

The bounty holds on the (the same trustworth as the, and the direct link
to the bounty page are here: 

This project aims to collect sufficient funds to purchase the source code of GPSoftware's Directory Opus Magellan II
(version 5.82, AmigaOS) for free use under the AROS Public License, a derivative of the Mozilla Public License 1.1.
The purchase will also a include a limited license for the trademark "Directory Opus Magellan" that will grant the right
to use it for software running on Amigoid platforms (real hardware or emulated) in general, specifically hardware running
the AROS (all flavors including hosted), AmigaOS and / or MorphOS operating systems.
Use of the source code is limited by the AROS Public License and use of trademarks for software running on other operating
systems or platforms than specified above is strictly prohibited unless a separate licence has been negotiated.

If the requested sum will be raised and the transfer will be completed, the source will be released and made available on
a public SVN page.

So, by all of this it mean, that we will have the sources of the so awaiting for years piece of classic, and one of the best piece
of amiga software in their history. In such perspective 5600 usb its just nothing, and its now we all can show our support, and its now
we can show what kind of "unity" we want.

After we will get the sources, any developers from all the camps , from all the oses will have to work together to make a proper 
os3/os4/mos/aros release of such good piece of software, which will benefits all the camps, and will somehow "unite" all of us.

For AROS and his Wandarer its can be reall and good stop-gap solution until wandarer growup , and even if it will someday reach level
of dopus magellan , still, having dopus magellan will be always good and cool. Ppls can to choice beetwen Wandaer, Scalos or Dopus Magellan.

For AmigaOS4 it have the same goals as for AROS. While Workbench on AmigaOS4 can be called as a bit "better" desktop invornment in 
compare with current version of Wandarer, its still, the same limited, and Dopus Magellan will fill the gaps the same fine. To note,
when sources will be in public SVN, i will be one of the first one who will at least try to do something with it, and understand all
the problems which need to solve to make proper port for os4.

That is the only one OS, which will have not very big benefits in compare with OS4/AROS, as they already have Ambient, which in general
and give users the same what Dopus Magellan will give to all the others. Through, and still, Dopus have some bits which Ambient not have,
and even Morphos users will found that piece of software are good to have in native form (yes, morphos is only one os, where dopus magellan
already works in 68k form more or less fine).

For seeing how it all looks like, you can check the jPV's tutorial: [url=]DirectoryOpus Magellan 2 (V5.82) and MorphOS 1.4 FAQ[/url]

As that is OS somehow abandoned to being developing officially, there is still ppls who in interst in it, and develop it futher by 3d party
addons and different kind of hacks. They for sure will in interst to have fresh port of magallan as well. 

---Everyone as UNITY---

And now, after port to all the flavors will be ready, we all can imporove that good piece of software even futher ! And that will benefit
everyone , because even if you can run 68k version on some Os (os3, morphos), you still, and of course, can't add anything to it, or fix
anything. With sources open, you can do all what you want.

Short FAQ

q: why spending on software that I used [in past] as replacement for AmigaOS when we can have AmigaOS to look like Magellan2? I think it is easier to implement cool stuff into AmigaOS than to port another and whole new OS replacement...
a: because we have not many developers, and all who works on any amiga and amiga like projects already busy to spend all their time 
   on making some cross-platform desktop which will works everythere. dopus magellan will be stop-gap solution for the next years. 
   Besides its not only for AmigaOS, but for all amiga and amiga like os

q: but its outdated software from the past ! ugly icons !
a: icons, its absolutly no problems to replace. as for "software from the past", even morphos users with Ambient still use dopus mag.
   aros and aos4 users will have a lot of benefits from having such kind of software in compare with their current choice (workbench,
   wandarer and scalos).

q: why so big summ ?
a: that can sounds like big summ for one person, but if we all will put little by little, we will reach necessary summ.

q: who will port it to my os of choice ?
a: porting is much easy in compare with writing software from scratch, any developer can do that soon or later. some of us
   already in interst to try, at least.

q: that it only about opening of sources, why that good ?
a: except of porting to all the other platforms where magellan do not works currently, we can imporve it as we wish.

q: if bounty will not reach, can we reuse money, so money will be used better ?
a: you can always refund your money when you wish to any other projects. 

q: did someone sign contracts with GPSoft so we can safely be in hope that all will be done right ?
a: are trustworth site, which prove by the years that big bountys and summ can be handled correctly.

To add in end of all, and to avoid any later specualtion : No I, Not Olaf (who initiate all of this), can't take repsonosbility for anything wrong
what can happens later. All what we want its raise a fund and send it to Dopus Owners. All what we can say, is that if there will be something
wrong (like collect only 3000 and nothing more), then after a while (let's say a 6 months, or a year maximum), we all can discuss it,
and resend all the money to different projects, as we all do alrady with some projects back in past (like amizilla, sputnik, zunefication
and others which i do not remember).

So, let's fresh our pokets, and show real support for unity and for truly uniq and popular piece of old and wellknown amiga software,
which even today many of us found as only one and best one in terms of desktop navigation.

One more time bounty link: